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Laura Zohman, MA
190 Bridge Street, Suite 5203
Salem, MA 01970

P:  (978) 777-9911
E:  lrz@nii.net 


Mind Body Therapies was founded by Laura R. Zohman, MA, in 2001. She believes in fashioning wellness using Custom Designed Holistic Strategies for Quantum Change, building Mind Body Spirit health from the inside out.

laura's specialties include

Physical - Weight, Female Issues, Fertility, Digestion, Compulsive Eating, Fatigue, etc.

Mental - Self Esteem, Confidence, Clarity, Focus, Creativity, Motivation

Emotional - Anger, Fear, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Insomnia

Spiritual - Faith, Trust, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Life Purpose

Life Transitions - Moving, Divorce, Job Changes, Losses, Relationships

For detailed information about Laura's services and specialities, please click here.

kind compliments about laura's sessions

"I have experienced working with Laura to be inspiring, transformative and fun."
Nina A. Bauer, Community Health RN

"Ms. Zohman is direct, authentic, spontaneous, thoughtful and believes in short term therapy."
Monica Veneziano - Director YogaEast

"I felt like I went through 20 therapy sessions in an hour. A truly healing experience!"
Joan Arsenault - Speech Pathologist

"One session changed my life. I gained an understanding and lost weight without dieting."
Ruth - Secretary|

"Laura's work is amazing! After doing a clearing with her, I begin to see the results immediately. She wastes no time in getting right to what's keeping me stuck."
Training Consultant, Financial Services Industry

"Laura's technique's are among the most creative. She is an exquisite healer."
John D'Antonio, RN Nurse

"No matter what issue or problem I have, Laura is a joy to work with. Using her many techniques, intuition and professional knowledge, she brings about change and healing in a masterful way."
Clare Woods, Therapist

"The work I did with you opened a pathway for incorporating my singing practice with new business ideas. These ideas, combined with renewed enthusiasm, stimulation and excitement, have created new ways to channel in money."

Barbara Epstein, Vocalist

"With Laura's facilitation and support, I have recovered from a chronic stomach problem. Losing 30 pounds was a bonus that happened in a healthy and positive way."
Kathleen, Real Estate Appraiser

"I experienced panic attacks and anxiety for 20 years. I was agitated , had difficulty focusing, trouble sleeping and was exhausted. After only two sessions with Laura, my stress was reduced and the panic attacks had been cut dramatically. I felt lighter and freer."
Ann, Vice President

"In the three sessions I had with Laura, my breathing and sleep have been greatly improved. I am also feeling more hopeful."
Liz, Teacher

"During a time of trauma, Laura provided a safe environment, which helped my husband and me return to a place of peace and healing."
Wendy, Writer

"I wanted to tell you in advance, that as of today, I have lost almost 15 pounds and I feel terrific!"
Nicole, Teacher