for the body

Holistic Nutritional Therapies for Health and Wellness
"Let food be your best Medicine," said Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Nutrition is the basis of ongoing good health. The foods we eat provide the raw materials for the constant rebuilding of our body tissues. Wise nutrition is one of the most powerful actions we can take to create radiant health at the cellular level. When our cells are happy, we are healthy.  

Standard nutritional programs may have limited success, since each individual’s biochemistry and mind/body/emotionsl patterns differ. Using lifestyle, diet and stress evaluation, Food Response Testing, consultation and education, Laura, as your personal nutritionist will assist you in finding and creating life changing solutions for weight loss and other nutritional goals. Laura offers strategies for emotional eating patterns, habits, digestive complaints, women’s needs, medically diagnosed problems, fatigue, and more.

for the mind and spirit

Intuitive Hypnotherapy, Life Mentoring and Spiritual Energy Work
Laura helps clients move easily and rapidly through problematic issues. Using a combination of techniques, most issues can be resolved in three to six sessions. Laura designs and personalizes sessions according to an individual's needs which include:

Energy Work and Soul Integration
A combination of mind/body/spiritual processes based on the subtle energy system. Releasing blocked energy can benefit health, relationships, abundance, and career. Techniques may include Reiki, ABC tapping, clear-outs, energy work, and crystal healing.

Life Path and Intuitive Guidance
Guidance both intuitive and practical, helps to create direction and goals especially during times of transition and trauma. Astro-Numerology and other divining tools may be used.

Age and Past Life Regression
A form of deep relaxation in which clients are able to access information which may be needed to resolve emotional, relationship, career or health issues. Going back in time may heal present life concerns, phobias, and other matters.

Creative Imagery for Stress Relief
Using hypnotherapy which addresses the client's highest wisdom, transformation happens. Unwanted stress, old habits, and fears are released to be replaced with peacefulness, relaxation, confidence, and personal growth.

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