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Last week I watched a video called, "Super Size Me". This is a documentary about a healthy man who decided to eat MacDonald's meals exclusively for 30 days. He was monitored by a nutritionist and 3 doctors. This movie is powerful and helps people understand the consequences of eating fatty, sugary, addictive fast food. Please watch it.

  • Water Power

  •    Water is the most important liquid we have to drink. The following will let you know how important water is.

    Why Drink Water?
    WATER constitutes about two thirds of the weight of the adult body and is present in every tissue. Body fluids are the most obvious carriers of water. Between 4 and 5 quarts of blood circulate in the body, and digestive secretions make up about 5 to 10 additional quarts of fluid. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body. Because water dissolves so many substances, water makes possible most chemical reactions in the body, the movement of food along the digestive tract and removal of waste products through the organs of excretion.

    How much water is necessary?
    A person should drink eight (8 ounce) glasses every day. The overweight person needs one additional glass for every twenty five pounds of excess weight. The amount should be increased if you do a lot of exercise or if the weather is hot and humid.

    When should the water be consumed?
    Drink water over the course of the day and not all at once.

    What are 10 benefits of drinking adequate amounts of water?
    1. Improves endocrine gland function
    2. Alleviates fluid retention, swollen feet, legs and hands.
    3. Necessary for proper kidney function.
    4. Dilutes sodium and flushes it through the kidneys
    5. Lessens hunger when attempting to lose weight
    6. Corrects constipation problems
    7. Detoxifies and helps the kidneys flush out waste.
    8. Helps to maintain proper muscle tone.
    9. Prevents sagging skin, plumps it up, keeps it resilient
    10. Helps the body to metabolize stored fat in the liver.

    What is the best kind of water to drink?
    If the town or city that you live in has "good water " drink that. You can call to find out about the purity and contents of water in your area. When choosing your water, be careful that the sodium content and the impurities are low. If there are problems with local water, drink bottled spring water, not distilled water.

    What about drinking coffee and tea?
    Coffee and Tea are not substitutes for pure clean water. They should be limited to no more than 2 cups per day. Caffeine can stimulate the appetite, can cause sleepless nights, anxiety and bladder symptoms in some individuals. Eliminate them completely, if you can. Good substitutes are decaffeinated coffee, green and white tea and other herbal teas.

    What about soft drinks?
    Decaffeinated soft drinks contain excessive amounts of sodium and can cause fluid retention. High levels of phosphates in diet drinks can interfere with the body's absorption of calcium. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame can cause headaches, stomach problems and other nasty symptoms in some people. Regular soft drinks contain sugar, salt and phosphates as well.

    Conclusion: Have water as your main liquid and be very moderate in choosing other liquid refreshment.

  • Weight Loss and Self Esteem

  •    I have been asked to teach a class in Weight Loss and Self Esteem. Any one interested? If you are please email or call me. Let me know where you are located as well. Thanks!

  • Laura's Classes

    SWAMPSCOTT, 781-595-9911

    PRACTICAL MEDITATION: October 18, 7-8:30PM; $30.
    This clearout class been helpful, for those who are moving forward in their lives and wish to jump over hurdles. Jobs, babies and other desires have been manifested.
    Prerequisite - a class or session with Laura

    YOGA EAST, 20 Del Carmine Street, Wakefield, MA: 781-224-0722

    THE BODY REMEMBERS: A Reincarnation Adventure; Sunday, October 31, 2004; 1-5pm, 4 hours, $60
    In this group we will explore past lives through discussion and guided imagery. We will examine and locate our past life memories relating to our beliefs, relationships and health. Techniques and instruction will be offered in a comfortable, relaxed and safe atmosphere. This promises to be a most unique and informative reincarnation class.

    THE FOOD MADE ME DO IT (Cravings & Compulsions)br> Saturday, Nov. 13, 2004, 1-4pm - 3 hours; $60
    This holistic class is for those who have been struggling with food. Food compulsions may be the symptom of a hidden problem. It could be a physical reaction to the food we eat or a mental, emotional or spiritual aspect of ourselves asking for healing. Through self- exploration, guided imagery and relaxation techniques, we find answers which can lead to transformation of this situation. This course is taught by a former food addict, now a licensed nutritionist and certified hypnotherapist with 20 years of personal and professional experience

    NORTH SHORE COMMUNITY COLLEGE - Cummings Center, Beverly, MA: 978-762-4000,

    This group is for mothers, fathers, and kids, ages 9-14 to learn about better nutrition, weight loss and stress reduction. Using self-discovery methods we learn to select our food better, while creating a positive and peaceful self image. Join us for a holistic approach to weight loss using visualization, possibility thinking and relaxation techniques. This course is taught by a former fatty, now a licensed nutritionist and certified hypnotherapist.

    Sunday, November 7, 2004 , 1-5pm, 4 hours
    In this workshop we will explore the theory of past lives through discussion, experiences and imagery. Yes, if you wish you can travel back in time yourself and/or facilitate a journey for a fellow workshop member. Techniques and instruction will be offered in a safe, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Your instructor, Laura, had her first regression in 1977 and is now aware of 50+ of her past life adventures. She has taught past life classes for 10 years. Bring a pillow and a blanket.

    SALEM STATE COLLEGE, Salem, MA; 978-542- 6331

    INTRODUCTION TO YOUR ENERGY BODY; Tuesday, November 9th 2004 from 7pm to 9pm
    So you thought you were only a physical body with a mind. In this class, we will experience subtle energy systems which form the basis of alternative healing practices such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Energy Healing and Medical Intuition. We will identify and work with energy centers (chakras), energy fields (auras) and meridians. Using discussion and visualization we will explore possibilities for harmonizing mind-body-spirit imbalances.

    BEVERLY RECREATION CENTER, Beverly, MA; 978-921-6067

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT (The Best Diet Plan for You)
    Wednesday, November 3, 2004; 7-9pm
    Everyone is deep into the diet revolution. Dr. Phil, Oprah, Dr Atkins and "The South Beach Diet" is everywhere! Who and what is correct? In this class, we will look at diets, past and present, group diet activities and the Food Pyramid. What are the factors that make up a good plan - what will and what will not work? What are the best personal diet plans and foods for YOU? Bring your experiences to share. Be prepared for some surprises!

    Wednesday, October 27, 2004; 7-9pm
    Intuition is one of those things some people think you either have or don't have. WRONG! The more you get in touch with the ability to have "HUNCHES", the easier life gets. Join us for a fun time tapping into your intuitive self.

  • Other Events

  •    1. Salem's Haunted Happenings
    Hawthorne Hotel, Salem, MA
    Sundays in October, 11-3
    2. "And What Are You Eating?"
    October 16, 2004, 2:30pm.
    Yoga Retreat, Campion Center, Weston, MA

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