the magic muffin
by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a tasty magic muffin that would help us lose weight successfully and easily. No pain, - just easy gliding into thinness. Any one can do it. Three bites and you are on your way.

This is what everyone is looking for - but it is elusive. We search for it in all outer programs, all supplements, all diets, even medically supervised diets, programs, surgery and drugs - which can ultimately make people ill. HOW FAR WILL WE GO TO LOSE WEIGHT?

Our most current diet interest and hope for a new body is The South Beach Diet, which unfortunately does not come with warm weather. It is reminiscent of Dr. Atkins, now deceased, but admired for his low, low, low, carbohydrate regime. We can look at other stars of diet history. The Zone elevated Dr Sears to Hollywood Diet Guru status a few years ago. Before, there was the ever popular Scarsdale Diet by another great diet expert Dr Tarnover, who was shot by his nurse. The publicity was directed to the murder trial and the Scarsdale diet was forgotten. What about the Rainbow Diet - I'm serious there is one. Have we forgotten those ever popular Enquirer Magazine diets like the Ice Cream Diet or Peanut Butter Diet. They come and go - these diet fads. Just how many combinations of protein, carbohydrate and fat are there? Everyone is an authority on the perfect way for each of us to eat. The Pyramid with 8-11 servings of white trash carbohydrates caused Americans to get fatter in the last 20 years. But, I wrote about that fiasco last month.

If you don't read, diet programs are on television. The emphasis is shifting from Oprah, who lived her weight problem in front of her TV audience (I applaud her courage) to Dr. Phil. He is now a BIG weight loss authority and has books and products to sell. How rich does he want to be? How big does he want to be? He does not look like he lost an ounce. His guests are working his diet program on his show. His star performers have lost 20+ pounds in 6 weeks while eating low grain, bulky foods and exercising like crazy. If you tuned into this fabulous transformation of fat into thinner and thinner, you will notice - these people work at it. And they are working on their psyches as well as their bodies. How long will it last?

Weight watchers, Dr Phil and other groups are diet businesses which offer dreams of slimness and perfection. Leave the group and you may gain again. You may return to the group or switch groups hoping for a new magic muffin once more. Then there are weight loss food products to buy. These fake foods may be the right numbers of calories, with the correct number of grams of fat, carbohydrate, protein. But beware! These food products are processed with preservatives and additives. As a holistic nutritionist, I consider them dead foods. Dead foods do not feed the living. We can be thin, or fat, and still be malnourished if we do not feed our cells properly with wholesome nutritious fuel.

True weight loss is a holistic process. First and foremost, physically we need the proper foods, exercise, rest, sunshine, vitamins and water. Mentally, we need to positively change our minds, attitudes and thought processes. Emotionally, We need to transform our emotional patterns, our priorities, and raise our self esteem. Spiritually, we need to create a new person. Weight loss is just part of the process of attaining mind/body/spirit health. When we are holistically balanced, the lost weight will not return.

I have been a nutritional coach to those who want to lose weight, yet I am not another magic muffin. I encourage clients to eat correct foods for their type, to engage in fun exercise, to change attitudes about food choices and themselves. Patience is a virtue in these life affirming pursuits. The best nutritional programs are self- designed and for life. It is not a diet that is sought after. It is a higher, healthier way of life, where the new healthy, slender you is based on the knowledge that your MAGIC MUFFIN resides within.