for the body: healing with fish oils
by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

Fish oils are loaded with OMEGA 3, which are reported to ease joint pain, boost heart health, improve mood, combat depression and prevent wrinkles.

My father made sure I had Cod Liver Oil, when I was a child. He gave it to me during the winter months for the benefit of Vitamin A and D. Omega 3 was unheard of in those days.

Today's oils can be much more easily taken in capsules or flavored liquids, rather than holding your nose and gulping them down. We know more through research that Fish Oils have EFA (Essential Fatty Acids) called Omega 3's. They are said to optimize health and reduce inflammation in the body. They are reported to thin the blood so check with your doctor if you are taking any blood thinner medication.

Some drug store and supermarket brands of Fish Oils may have mercury and other toxins. Because we are all biochemically different, we need varied amounts of any supplement. Call me for an appointment to check your need for this or any other supplement. I carry pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 and other good quality supplements.