nutrition response testing
by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

There are tests for everything. Schools test students for knowledge, skills, and basic intelligence. The medical profession tests eyes, ears, blood pressure, and anything else they can find. Beyond this there are psychological tests to see if we are crazy or moderately normal. Biofeedback tools test if we are stressed or relaxed. We can be tested to find out how fat we are. In the world of nutrition, we can be measured, weighed, callipered, and evaluated.

Twenty years ago, I used "Biokinesiology" and "Touch for Health" muscle testing methods, to examine the relationship between the body and foods. Food substances, environmental agents, chemicals, supplements, etc. affect muscle response and the organs in the body. When these substances are put in proper contact with the body, there is an immediate positive or negative effect on muscle strength.

Kinesiology or muscle testing studies the flow of energy in the systems of the body. Kinesiology is an evaluation of muscle motion. It shows how a muscle responds. Strong or weak muscle response can indicate the condition of various body systems. Kinesiology was originally derived from Oriental Medicine, and is used to evaluate organ systems in the body. Each muscle is directly related to an organ system, with shared lymph, nerve, blood vessels, and an acupuncture meridian. Chiropractors use kinesiology to balance body structure to restore the proper energy flow to promote healing.

Kinesiology Testing is a simple procedure. The client's arm (or another body part) is tested for muscle strength. He/she is then asked to hold a substance, or rest it on the navel or parotid gland and is then retested. If the muscle is weakened, the substance is said to have a negative effect on his or her body. If the arm stays strong, the substance has a positive effect on the body. The process is repeated with other substances. Our muscles also can react to emotions, stress, noise, music, metal, jewelry, and even certain words.

Nutrition Response Testing affectionately called NRT was formulated and updated from other kinesiology protocols, by Dr. Fred Ulan, a New York chiropractor. It is a powerfully accurate testing tool to determine proper food and supplement choices. We may buy supplements which have great descriptions but have no benefit because they are incorrect for our body. It may be the wrong brand, an incorrect dosage, may not be needed, or may be detrimental to the person tested. NRT helps to evaluate environmental and chemical influences, as well as food and supplement choices to create balance and health in the body. Dr. Ulan says, "The results we have been having with NRT are in the 90% and better range".

Food Testing is necessary because some people are sensitive to certain foods or food families. Some people can eat everything and live a healthy and long life. Others can not. There are more sensitivities and allergies to food substances than ever before. This is presently because of the quality of food we eat and the manner in which it is grown and prepared. There are more additives and preservatives used than ever before. The soil is contaminated with toxic chemicals and many of us sensitive types have problems with these foods.

Food Sensitivities and allergies, which have not been discovered, may cause non-specific symptoms. These can manifest as gas, overweight, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, headaches, cravings, respiratory problems, fatigue, indigestion, sinus, pimples, excess colds, and mental problems such as mood swings and depression.

I leave diagnosis to a doctor. What I do is have a conversation with your body and energy system regarding food and vitamin choices. Your body tells me what it needs or doesn't need regarding nutritional supplementation or a food for health.

Health Restoration
We must remember we are all different biochemically, nutritionally and at different times of our lives. One of the important aspects of proper nutrition is to get rid of the bad "stuff" first (foods and supplements), before we add the good stuff. Clients have brought in shopping bags with half used bottles of vitamins. Many supplements were discarded as they were detrimental for the client.

When put on the proper track, giving your body what it needs nutritionally and in other ways, vitality and energy can be restored. You cannot be made whole by eating "dead "processed food or by taking incorrect supplementation. With patience and determination to find compatible, healthy foods along with small amounts of the proper supplementation is a primary way to create optimum wellness.