hypno-fertility: a spiritual approach
by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

I had 18 babies, mostly boys, over the years. Not mine, thank goodness. These pregnancies happened to my clients, who desperately wanted to become pregnant.

Perhaps it happened to my clients because it was so easy for me to get pregnant that I passed on the gift of easy pregnancy. Perhaps the correct astrological timing brought them to me. Perhaps mental, emotional, physical, nutritional or spiritual blocks to conception were removed. I am convinced that meditation, hypnosis and deep relaxation can help a women become pregnant.

Fatness may not be a conception problem. Age may be. The use of birth control may be. Toxins in the environment, bad nutrition and stress may be. A difficult partnership can be.

A bad relationship adds stress and the inability to conceive. Not really wanting a baby, stops the process. If the relationship is not going well, the woman’s reproductive organs can be very aware of the problems and stop conception. All parts of our bodies understand and react to information which is conscious and most often subconscious.

The babies makes choices too
Yes, children know when they want to be born and to whom. Hard to believe, but it is the children who pick their parents. They choose parents who will provide them with the lessons they need in this lifetime so they can grow and learn. Some lessons are hard and some easy. Some parents are supportive, some difficult and abusive.

Emotional Time
Woman #1 was 30 years ago. I worked with her nutritionally and emotionally. Before I met her she had been trying for to conceive for 13 years. She was afraid. Letting go of the fear allowed the pregnancy to happen. It was a shock for her to learn she was pregnant and she reacted emotionally. Took her a while to get used to the idea, but in time for her new born son.

Nutritional Changes
Woman #2, I asked to give up coffee (caffeine). This was long before medical opinion discovered coffee as a possible detriment to fertility. Within a few months she was pregnant and delighted.

A Past Life Event
Woman #3 came in for a past life session. In trance, she met her past life son, who told her, he would be her son again, in her present life. Her pregnancy happened immediately. Nine months later she became the mother of a healthy baby boy, who she knew as her son from long ago.

Blocked Ovaries
Woman #4 had Polycystic Ovaries and was told she could not have a baby. She wanted one. She also knew psychically she was carrying something from the past which was detrimental to conceiving. We did a past life session. She went back to a time in old Egypt, to a place of embalming. In this past life she was a teen age boy, raped, by men he was apprenticed to. The work conditions were filthy and contaminated, He was infected and died. By healing that past life and the boy’s diseased reproductive organs,her reproductive organs were healed as well. She was able to become pregnant and give birth to a boy, now about 5 years old.

I Refuse to Have a Baby
Woman #5 had the belief she did not ever want to have a child. She thought it be hurtful to her. She had no idea where the thought came from, but it was very strong. When we went back in time to a very traumatic past life, she got her answer. In the past life she was in a dungeon, standing and strapped to a wall. She was pregnant and had the baby in this circumstance. No one helped her. She went through the pain, gave birth standing, the baby dropped to the floor. Both she and the baby died. Once she saw this as the cause of her belief - and we did some healing, of this situation. she is reconsidering the idea of motherhood.

Sometimes Babies Have to Wait
My son and daughter-in-law had a baby boy in their energy field for about 2 years. I could feel him. He wanted to be born to them, but they did not want another child. I was saddened that I was not going to have another grandchild. In meditation, I was told this baby would be born to their daughter, in the future. Not surprising -According to Carole Bowman author of “Children’s Past Souls” and “Heaven Can Wait” - souls reincarnate in families. If they don’t come appear in one generation, they can appear later.

Energetic Blockages
When a client is in a trance state her focus and attention is increased. Many times we can find out energetically where the blockage is, what it is and why it is there. By letting go of the energy obstacle, pregnancy can occur, if it is time.

As an intuitive hypnotherapist I feel the location and the source. If it is an energetic blockage, it can be corrected by energetic means. a physical blockage is corrected by physical means and an emotional one by letting go of emotional situations and trauma. Spiritual blockages may take us back into past lives to be corrected.

There are many different reasons for infertility. There are all kinds of solutions. We can include nutrition, relaxation, hypnosis, meditation and energy work to increase fertility and conception. When applied to the proper situation in the correct way. It works.