america runs on dunkin -
that's true and too bad

by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

Dunkin Donuts stores are multiplying. They have sprung up and are non-stoppable. They have no qualms of appearing across the street from each other or next to an independent coffee shop. And why not? Dunkin Donuts stores have a limited menu, are profitable, with a profit margin, greater than a fancy restaurant.

They started out with coffee and donuts. We always knew donuts, although delicious, had loads of sugar and fat. Muffins appeared later, containing even more fat than donuts. Low fat muffins appeared, with intense amounts of sugar to balance the missing fat. Now there are sandwiches, breakfast microwave treats, and the choices keep coming. YES, they are fast, microwaved, unhealthy but addictive and habit forming.

The average American uses this menu to keep up their energy and blood glucose. The nice part for Dunkin is that within a couple of hours of satisfying their cravings, Americans are longing again, for their next coffee or treat “hit” and must make a return trip.

Coffee acts in the same way that sugar does. It gives people a temporary high. With all the stress, people have, they need their caffeine and sugar fix. And they need it fast, cheap and readily available. Any foods which have an addictive nature are very much like alcohol. Coffee, white wheat and sugar are some of the foods that fit this description. Fancy coffees, now at MacDonalds, as well as Starbucks, add to the sugar, the caffeine and the price, with a little whipped cream on top.

A Dunkin Habit diet, repeated many times during the day, could be a health hazard waiting to happen. Try putting healthier choices into your fuel tank. Why depend on Dunkin to make you run.