CHIRON: The Wounded Healer

By Laura Zohman, MA

CHIRON is the wounded healer - we all have one.  Chiron is an asteroid, not a planet, located in your chart. It is Your Achilles Heel of the Zodiac, an obstacle and fear to be worked through. This point may be a challenge from this life and/or past lives. It is not solved easily when we are young.  It can take a very long time to correct Chiron, but healing can happen in our later years.  Once we can heal Chiron, and the fears are gone, we find we are very talented in that area of life.   

I have been amazed at the accuracy of CHIRON
No surprises here - I have Chiron in Gemini in the 4th house.  The 4th house is roots, past, childhood, and old age.  Gemini is the Communicator.  I had lots of trouble being able to speak, to state an opinion, or even be recognized as someone who had something to say.  My parents thought children should be seen and never heard.  

I have come into this life to speak my truth, even though it may not be a popular truth.  I have had many past lives, in which I opened my mouth, said something or wrote something and was killed or tortured.  It is no wonder, I do counseling, teach classes and am writing, so I can learn to speak again and conquer the fear of Chiron. 

Mr X has Chiron in his 9th house. This is the house of long distance travel, publishing and the law.  He is a lawyer.  He refused to travel to Europe or anywhere out of the country.  His Sagittarius North Node - the planet of travel, became activated as he got older. Now he travels and loves it.  He has mastered his Chiron by being an exceptional lawyer and mastering his fear of travel.  

Ms. Y has her Chiron in Cancer in her first house.  The first house is the self, the body, and self esteem. Cancer is sensitive to everything, everybody, negative comments etc. No wonder she feels  “less than” in many situations, even though she gives the appearance of confidence and strength.  She is young and is transforming now that she is aware of it.  She is keeping her first house body strong, eating well and exercising.  Chiron is healing her inner self esteem. 

Ms. W has her Chiron in the 6th house of day to day office work in futuristic Aquarius. Aquarius can be aloof, but also can create a nervous energy.  She is overcoming her job nervousness, being more friendly and realizing she has more to offer than most. She is getting praise from her bosses and things are going very well.  She had to struggle first with her fears to move forward.