Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories

By Brian Weiss

The New York Times bestselling author examines the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing when accepting reincarnation. Here are his Book Chapters:

1. We are all Connected by Energetic cords
All pain is from fear. Love and understanding dissolves fear. Earth is a school for learning about illness, death, loss, pain, separation, suffering and also beauty, physical and unconditional love, soulmates, pleasure, kindness and compassion. On Earth we have opportunity for accelerated spiritual growth.

2. Validating the Memories
75% of Americans believe in life after death. 25% believe in reincarnation. 50% have had mystical/spiritual experiences. 30% in contact with someone who died.

3. How Understanding can Heal
Cause and effect from a past life can be emotional memories. We are all born with a form of PTSD. These memories can become triggered and reappear with trauma in our current lives. The validity of the past life experience often lies in the disappearance of symptoms. Understanding at a conscious and unconscious level helps to let go of anger, sadness, grief through forgiveness and hope.

4. Freedom from Emotional Pain
As we heal, the people around us shed their heavy responsibility toward us and they heal also. Perfect timing happens at the perfect time to find healing and hope. Past life patterns help illuminate our spiritual path and life lessons we are learning. We are all the same. We have been all races, all religions, both sexes. No soul is greater than another. Only Love is Real.

5. Healing Physical Symptoms and Illness
Body and Mind are interconnected. Physical symptoms or disease can disappear. The soul itself is never harmed. Remembering a past life can cause present symptoms to heal. Healing is immediate or over time, once the memory is released and made conscious. Grace is the intervention. Prayers are heard. Angels, God, the Higher Self all conspire for the person’s well being.

6. Letting Go of Grief
We are souls, not just bodies. We are all eternal and will be reunited with our loved ones. Our loved ones live on -- on the other side. When the fear of loss and death is removed, grief is not so suffocating. Removing grief, restores peace and inner calm. Everything is exactly as it is meant to be. Our loved ones may visit to express their love to soothe our pain. We are not to be miserable.

7. Intuition and Psychic Abilities
In addition to meditation, another way to raise our vibration is to fill our hearts and minds with loving-kindness, with tranquility and with peace. Intuition helps with communication with other planes of existence.

8. One-of-a-Kind
We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Progression to the future and possibilities:
The ability of souls to split into experience concurrent lives souls are not constrained by the limitations of the physical body we are connected at the soul level and can share or experience the concepts of akashic records and Jung’s collective unconscious. Perhaps we are all sparks of the ONE.

Suicide is never part of our soul’s plan:
Our lives have more to teach. The direction of life is more important than speed. Spiritual beings will choose the compassionate path, not the violent one.

9. Eternal Relationships
We learn thru relationships which point the way to spiritual growth. Some are brief. For a short time, you are in relationship with their soul. Destiny leads us to the decision points, but free will selects if we stay or go. These are our choices. Many have died repeatedly in battle. When we kill another, we also kill a part of ourself. If we fail the lesson, we have to repeat the course. We must stop the violence. We have eternity to learn. We have soul families. We have soul mates who come together over and over. Soul relationships are not always easy.

10. Lessons that Animals Teach
We learn about unconditional love, intuition, instinct and living life fearlessly. They can reunite with us in future lives. Pets can help in transition after death.

11. Short and Sweet
Words can transform the molecular structure of water. Always a choice of being angry or letting go with love. Nothing is more powerful than love.

12. Spiritual and Mystical Experiences
Oneness and connection with everything including timelessness. Our souls are as vast and limitless as the stars. Our bodies are constrained by this physical dimension, but our mind and souls are not. Death is often described as passing thru a door way into a high dimension with many levels, not limited to earth. Souls attend schools in every universe.

Life is but a dream. The end is just a beginning.