the hypnosis of social conditioning

By Laura Zohman, MA

The hypnosis of social conditioning is the expectation that each of us will follow and become the unwritten product of the society we live in. What we see, hear and think, we change into.

In the mountains of Pakistan - The Hunzas live on until 150 years of age. They breathe purified mountain air, eat healthy crops raised without pesticides or chemicals and drink the perfect mountain spring water with natural minerals. The Hunzas are concerned with neighbors and community. When something happens to one of them - everyone helps. They believe they will live a long, healthy and happy life and so it is.

During the '80's Deepak Chopra learned about an aging experiment. The premise was: We age and die because we see others age and die. This happens here and in other societies. In the United States, when we near retirement age, it is over for some. The hypnosis of social conditioning is the expectation that after 65 in the United States we are quickly approaching death. Those who are married to their jobs may die right after they are forced to retire.

This is the social aging experiment. Older people were asked to volunteer and participate in this experiment. They were relocated to a nice old fashioned home and were given rules for the following weeks. They were only allowed to read magazines from the 1950’s, watch fifties TV and discuss only those current events which happened in the fifties. After 3 weeks of living as if they were in a time warp of 30 years, physical changes occurred. Hearing improved. Eyesight improved. Bodies improved. Aches and pains went away. Most felt like they were getting younger. After the 3 weeks of the experiment, they returned to their homes, and a normal time frame. Now back in the eighties, they became older - once again. They re-aged.

There are physical and medical causes of Covid. But, is it possible that COVID could also be a mental and emotional product of social conditioning and what people hear, see, feel and fear? When we are panicked or scared, our guard is down. This is the optimum time for information or misinformation to saturate our consciousness. Is Covid like the subliminal Manchurian Candidate which can unbalance our thinking? Negative beliefs compromise health.

Laura says: Positive mental thoughts will over-ride negative news and will enhance our immune system. Meditation and Positive beliefs about our health and strength can preserve the potential of good health and continued safety.