brain waves and healing

By Laura Zohman, MA

I recently discovered Dr. Joe Dispenza’s NY Times best seller, “Becoming Supernatural." At first glance, I thought Dr. Joe popped up as an overnight success. After researching, I learned he practiced for many years as a chiropractor, healer and writer, specializing in Mind Body Spirit healing. Dr. Joe has taught people, groups and businesses how to heal themselves using Theta mind power.  He believes by working with meditative frequencies, students and clients can heal illnesses, change behaviors and increase their happiness. 

Dr Joe has been writing books since 2008 and practicing these concepts for a long time. He teaches large seminars, writes monthly newsletters and books to help people heal and change. He trains students to control and slow down their brain waves to the Theta state - at will. In Theta, it is possible for folks to transform mind sets from past hurts and pain to joyful occurrences by remembering happy future thoughts. This is similar to the “Remembering Process” by Daniel Barrett and Joe Vitale, both manifest-ors of extraordinary creative work using the “Remembering Process."

what are brain waves?

Brain Waves are synchronized electrical pulses which are measurable. The frequency of brain waves categorize and name them. Changes in brain wave activity occur according to what we are doing and/or feeling.  When the slower frequencies are dominant we may feel tired, slow, or dreamy. When the higher frequencies are happening we may feel wired or hyper alert.  Here are names of five frequencies: 

1. Gamma- the brain exhibits wildness, excitability or craziness.
2. Beta - the brain functions normally with quiet conversation or life happenings.
3. Alpha - brain waves slow, relax, when meditating, with hyper focused attention.
4. Theta - pre sleep when drifting into the magic place, sometimes called  the core of creation, cosmic consciousness, or Zero Point.
5. Delta - Sleeping, Dreaming, Healing, Restoration and Regeneration of cells

unexpected healings

Buddhist monks prayed for centuries in the Himalayan Mountains.  They knew to alter their brain waves for meditation and prayer, and to astral travel away from the freezing cold mountain temperatures.  

From the beginning of time, there have been those able to manifest physical changes and healing by altering their brain waves. Depending on the historical time and/or place - healing was designated as miraculous, heresy or witchcraft.  

In the ’80’s Deepak Chopra M.D. wrote about Cosmic Consciousness, the state which he affectionally named the Cosmic Soup. By slowing down brain waves, one could meditate in alpha or theta to manifest, heal and create. He told of an experiment in 1979, conducted by Ellen Langer, a psychologist from Harvard.  Elders were moved from their normal environment to a location where the surroundings were fashioned to be 20 years previous to their normal time frame.  The group was instructed to read from 1959 books, newspapers and magazines.  They would discuss current events from 1959. After a couple of weeks, people began to feel younger. Hearing and eyesight improved and they felt more energetic and youthful. When taken back to their normal environment, they backtracked and lost their youthfulness.   

Deepak Chopra’s explanation was that aging is caused by seeing other people age. He called this “THE HYPNOSIS OF SOCIAL CONDITIONING” or “THE COLLECTIVE DREAM”. He said, "Most people are trapped in the hypnosis of social conditioning." from our schooling, our professional life, our social circle or any number of other influences. What you see around you, you absorb into your consciousness. Social conditioning is the process of training individuals in society to have certain beliefs, behaviors, desires and emotional reactions, approved by society in general or groups within it.  

Not difficult to understand that the socialized hypnotized brain affects entire populations, in many other ways.  What do we and our children absorb from current day TV,  movies, books, and violent video games?  How does this exposure to violence increase aggressive social behaviors? What do we absorb from drug commercials on TV? Media is well aware of this kind of social conditioning.   

In the eighties, Dr. Brugh Joy, a physician and author of Joy’s Way studied energy, meditation and chakras. On a number of evening, rounds, he told a few of his very sick hospital patients, he could do no more for them. “Prepare to die”, he said, sadly.  Much to his surprise, the next morning Dr. Joy checked on those unique patients, expecting to find them dead. Instead, he was greeted by these special patients ready to go home. Each told Dr. Joy they had a dream in which  Jesus, Moses or an Angel came and healed them during night. Their consciousness changed into healing mode when these angelic beings visited.  Surprising and shocking as all signs of disease disappeared.  

Louise L. Hay, was a bestselling author and publisher, and an internationally known leader in the self-help field. Her key message was: "If we are willing to do the mental work, almost anything can be healed." She had a great deal of experience and information to share about healing. She cured herself of cancer.  She wrote, and taught “Every thought we creates our future. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts, the words we speak and our feelings”. She studied thoughts and emotions instrumental in creating dis-ease.  She established affirmations and other ways of thinking about illness and disease to create health and healing.    

I have witnessed healing in my practice, in deep meditative states for clients, students and myself occurring through Mind, Body and Spiritual practices.  Hypnosis, Meditation, Past Lives, Body Work and Soul Work are a pathway to healing and change. The deeper clients and students travel to reach their meditative core,- the more they were able to heal. I have seen spines straighten, gall bladder stones disappear, livers heal, and diseases depart, confirmed by XRAY or other medical means.  With emotional and/or mental healing clients felt happier, as an old obstacle lifted.  They were finally able to move forward. New decisions were made, questions were answered and life resumed again. .   

I have listened to the music of Tom Kenyon, a writer, musician, and psychologist who brought forth the music of The Hathors, a group of inter-dimensional, intergalactic beings connected to ancient Egypt through the Temples of the Goddess Hathor. They were very tall blue energy beings.  They were identified in a testimonial from a women who was healed at one of Dr. Joe’s seminars. I can only assume Dr. Joe has the ability and connection to bring in these higher energies for releasing dis-ease.  

the future of healing

I applaud holistic non-evasive protocols which are powerful and healing.  This was my reason for specializing in nutrition and hypnosis, both basic non drug and non surgical techniques for health. Meditation is not unique. It is special if it can be taught to masses of people who can easily deepen at will to Theta and invoke healing energies to experience wellness from the inside out. This is a significant next step in transforming us into a healthy society.  

Captain James Kirk and Mr. Spock on an early Star Trek episode were appalled when they visited Earth from the future and viewed our 1968  medical practices.  They critiqued Medicine here as barbaric. It has not improved.  Hopefully, future medical practices will be more holistic, compassionate, easy and effective.  We are continuing now with innovations coming from Dr. Joe Dispenza and others on the cutting edge.