jupiter lights the way

By Laura Zohman, MA

I have been counseling clients and students for over 30 years. During that time I used astrology as a method to focus on the needs of people who want answers. One question has popped up a lot.

Why do friends or lovers meet, and either stay together or say good bye? It is the clues and connections found in astrological charts and the history between people. Most astrologers look at Sun/Moon and Venus/Mars links. But, Saturn connections indicate long term relationships and lessons to be learned. In addition, to these relationship indicators, I discovered Jupiter bonds people as well.

Jupiter is the fourth brightest planet in the solar system. He orbits the Sun once every 11.8 Earth years. Therefore every 12 years you get a Jupiter return, when the planet Jupiter revisits the place in your chart when you were born. Jupiter’s revisit usually brings a year of good luck and blessings.

Astrologically speaking, Jupiter is often known as the planet of luck. It’s placement and sign in your natal chart points to the areas of life where you have gifts and good fortune. It is associated with growth, expansion, healing, prosperity, positivity and miracles. Jupiter governs long distance and foreign travel, big business, higher education, religion, law, good luck and wealth. He is responsible for mental and spiritual development and represents good will, humor, and mercy. But Jupiter can overdo and become excessive. Too much of a good thing.

I looked at some of my personal, past Jupiter bonds with others. The Jupiter connection is how and where we light up others and how they enlighten us. This is soul energy and one reason we connect with certain people and not others. It is the link between charts and the energy which moves from one chart to another and from one person to another.

Nothing could be more personal than my experiences which I have tracked along the way. My Jupiter is at 18 Capricorn in the 11th house. The 11th house indicates groups, social circles, goals and future plans. Some say it is the ”House of Divinity”. Let’s see how my Jupiter affects others.

I searched for those who have planets and aspects at 18 Capricorn. How have I expanded them? How they affected me? Did they feel the Jupiter light energy expanding and moving them to their goals? Yes, I think so.

I married a man with a Sun at 18 Capricorn and a moon at 16 Taurus. It was a lengthy 25 year marriage. My light shone directly on his sun and trined his moon, a good thing. While we were married, he did exceptionally well in business, which was what a double earth sign desires. I benefited as well from his earnings. After the divorce, without my Jupiter light, his business declined and never returned to the way it was before.

After marriage, I had a long term boyfriend with a 18 Capricorn ascendant. When we were together he began to shine like never before. His North Node was 19 Cancer which also liked my Jupiter. My Venus, another beneficial planet, in 20 Cancer opposed his ascendent and landed on his north node. The north node indicates one's soul purpose. When he died, I was there to shine light on his departure.

One of my former clients is a healer with a moon in 14 Capricorn. My sun conjuncted his moon and his path. He became a nurse and continued to head his department. Yes, a Capricorn needs to be in charge. My Jupiter light helped him and he is not finished yet.

For others - It was my Jupiter in Capricorn which illuminated their Mercury in Capricorn. Their communication skills were increased and were able to express themselves brilliantly.

I consider my Jupiter in Capricorn spiritual and especially strong as it is part of my grand earth trine. My light energy is enhanced with the other two earth planets - Taurus and Virgo.

I have attracted multiple Virgos into my life - many were 18 degrees. They were also the recipients of the energy of my grand earth trine and my Venus at 20 Cancer.

I adore Pisces - I have a double Pisces son who gets his water energy connections to Jupiter in Capricorn as a sextile hit. So do his Pisces friends.

A future thought. The 25 - 30 year olds are Millennials having a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the higher degrees of Capricorn. They will be called on to restore the earth. I may be called as teacher to aid in this project.

I have helped many to follow their bliss, their goals and to take their journey on an enlightened path which they could find and follow. It is not surprising my mother proclaimed I was lucky for people, when I was a child.