about laura

Laura R. Zohman is a Massachusetts Licensed Nutritionist, Holistic Educator and Transformational Therapist, with more than 30 years of professional experience. As a Practical Mystic and Soul Coach, she synthesizes techniques from varied modalities to assist clients and students to take charge of their health and well-being.

Laura has a Massachusetts LDN (#1912), is certified in Hypnotherapy and is a Reiki Master. She holds a Master's Degree in Human Development, a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, and an Associates degree in Hotel/Restaurant/Food Service Management.

Laura has taught in colleges and holistic centers, and has given workshops by request to hospitals, corporations and businesses. She is currently writing a Past Life Book called “Connections”. As a Soul Coach and a Personal Guide, Laura is dedicated to assisting Clients and Students navigate, healthfully and happily, their life journeys. 

a brief autobiography of laura’s journey 

Laura Zohman, MA, LDN, Cht

I began my employment as a chemist, working for a research and development company, testing resins for paper coatings. I got sick from the toxic chemical fumes. I have a sensitive body. For the sake of my health, I quit this job and my dreams of becoming another Madame Curie went up in smoke.

I investigated other work possibilities, but circumstances led me to a new Food/Restaurant/Hotel Management Program, at Bunker Hill Community College. I had a great time, safe from chemicals and in one year graduated with an Associates Degree.

My first position, in this new field, was at the Harvard Club as assistant to the function manager. It was fun but hard, organizing 9 parties, simultaneously on 3 floors and coming home at 4am. My feet cried stop! After 2 years, it was time to leave.  

Next, I managed a cafeteria, which was mentally and emotionally stressful. I suffered with another kind of poison called toxic stress. Sensitive people can have physical symptoms from stress. This settled in my neck. I could not turn my head. I could not drive. I left the cafeteria, exhausted, and put myself in the hands of a wonderful chiropractor, who brought me and my neck back to life. 

I was learning to care for my self. I went to various alternative healers and attended holistic health seminars. I decided to pursue a career in wellness, specializing in nutrition. Why not? I already told people how and what to eat. In addition I had an emotional weight problem, which needed resolution. In 1983, I got a Master’s degree and a divorce. 

The 70s and 80s were discovery years. I traveled from coast-to-coast, searching for knowledge, taking classes with the most respected holistic teachers and healers. I learned about life, death, past lives and using astrology as a spiritual road map. I experienced powerful epiphanies which enlightened me to the seen and unseen, to the conscious and unconscious. Life’s dimensions were larger than I previously thought. What I experienced changed my reality and beliefs from the inside out. Not so surprising, it was predicted by a numerologist years before. 

The 90s were practice years. I was Certified in Hypnotherapy and became a Reiki Master. During the week, I worked as a traditional nutritionist for a doctor and a reproductive health clinic. On weekends, I morphed into an intuitive counselor, hoping that no one from my traditional world would see me. I read tea leaves in tearooms, and traveled with a psychic troupe reading tarot cards for businesses, financial firms, colleges, parties, in all the major hotels and in four different states. My psychic entertainment career lasted 15 years. The skills I developed have allowed me to share a intuitive and spiritual approach with clients and students. 

I welcomed my LDN, (Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist) the Massachusetts Nutritional license in 2000. This was followed by an invitation by BCBS to become one of their nutritional practitioners. My private nutritional practice was quite different from medically trained dietitians or even Weight Watchers. I knew even then, we are all biochemically unique and need different diets. I learned kinesiology testing to determine proper nutritional protocols for each client. I focused on helping others with emotional weight issues and food sensitivities. We all improved.

Hypnotherapy was another passion for me. Trance and meditation were so easy and natural. I could help people while relaxing in trance. One of my specialties was past lives. I regressed hundreds of clients and taught hundreds of classes. I am familiar with 60 of my own past lives. Most of my lives were short. This is my longest life, which has been filled with challenges making me wiser and more experienced in the journey of life.

Some of our family, friends, clients and associates are those we have known before in past lives. It is not unusual to reincarnate in the same family. I am very fortunate to have 2 grown sons and 2 grand daughters, whom I have had the pleasure of meeting again. They have enhanced my journey as wonderful companions along the way.

Life has its ups, downs, twists and turns. It is through our specialized, personalized adventure, we learn lessons, we get experience, we fulfill our life plans. Over time, we attempt to be the best we can be in this life we have chosen, pre-birth. I planned to be a chemist like Madame Curie. Instead, I became a very wise teacher and counselor. Not a surprise. This was my destiny.  

In 2019, I traveled to North Carolina to escape the snow and cold, only to return to Salem, MA in early 2020. I have given myself the title of Life Journey coach which includes weight loss, holistic health, astrology/numerology, past lives and life purpose. I am happy to take appointments. Please email at lrz@nii.net or call 978-777-9911. Be sure to leave a message. Hope to hear from you soon.