about past lives
by Laura Zohman MA LDN CHT

Discovering your Past Lives is a way of remembering who you are, who you were, what you have done and where you have been. You need not believe in reincarnation, to experience it. Past Lives can be a key to self-knowledge and healing.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

• How is a Regression Done?

Regressions are done in a state of relaxation, very similar to day dreaming or watching television. You are well aware of everything that transpires as you are gently guided back in time. You may journey to a previous incarnation to remember a lost love. Your higher self may guide you back to the origin of a mental or emotional pattern, or to a physical condition which needs to be examined and transformed. You may receive valuable insights which affect your life today. You may explore and resolve important issues. You may even meet some familiar people and travel to exciting places. It is your choice!

• How Long Does a Regression Take?

For most people, with adequate preparation, it usually takes about an hour and a half. For some, perhaps 2 hours. For others, an hour is long enough to have more than one past life experience. It all depends on the person.

• What Happens After the Regression?

People often report a sense of lightness, relaxation, well-being, and PEACE after a past life session. Most feel they have gotten pertinent information about themselves or have released a problem. For some it is healing, for some a fun time and for some a grand adventure.

• What are some of the benefits exploring past lives?

1.You may learn about skills you are using now or those from the past which you can bring into your current life.

Talents ( Music, Art, Writing)

Proficiencies (Scientific, Financial, Athletic)

Abilities (Leadership, Intuition, Healing)

2. You may become aware of past relationships, which may help current ones improve.

with self

with friends & family

with work & career

with animals, nature & environment

3. You may initiate an understanding of your attractions, repulsions and compulsions to people, places and things. Personal unresolved mysteries, questions and odd dreams may now have meaning.

4. You may release old emotional patterns such as: hatred, anger, fear, loss, guilt and jealousy which will allow room for new positive behaviors and emotions to occur in your present day life.

5. You may have an improvement of health, particularly if the health problem started many lives ago.

6. You may have some spiritual benefits as well.

Clarification of life purpose

Realization of the continuity of the soul

New feeling of spirituality

New philosophical and psychological life learnings

Love as the Answer 

Since Stuart Wilde, best selling author and lecturer states, " I am eternal, immortal, universal and infinite", why not find out who are you?